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Spend your digital dollars where it matters

Freight School Playbook is a membership community with unlimited access to courses covering:

Save thousands on your next digital project by giving your team (or yourself) a leg up on the latest online trends—built for the logistics industry. Memberships officially open September 15th!


  • Podcasting

  • In-house video

  • Auditing/Analytics of your digital media efforts

  • Lead generation

  • Linkedin Marketing 101

  • Virtual Presentations

  • Broker/Carrier Sales Training

  • Digital Marketing templates for blogging, videos, social media, advertising, and more

  • Plus new content added every month

Built for Busy Professionals

Cut through the digital marketing clutter and learn from our decade of content marketing and digital sales experience

Wear a lot of hats

Our courses are designed for you to learn from our experience and apply these teachings quickly.

Overwhelmed Marketing/Sales Departments

We know first hand how challenging your roles are. From lead generation to managing relationships, we’ve created courses so you can seemingly do it all.

Executive/Management Teams Looking to Upskill

Our philosophy as coaches is to never stop learning. So when you want to connect the ROI to your digital media dollars, our courses will help pave the way.

How our membership works


Unlimited access to all courses

Unlike the one-off templates you can purchase elsewhere, with a membership to Freight School Playbook, you’ll get exclusive access to courses designed to help you cut through the digital marketing noise. So you can create marketing and sales content that resonates with your target audience.


Optimized learning that fits into your busy schedule

All of our video courses contain the exact workflows we use for our enterprise level clients at Digital Dispatch–and the same strategies we use for our own brands. These courses can be completed in under an hour so you can upskill quickly and implement what you’ve learned, faster.


Improve your workflows

Don’t waste time trying to figure out how to format a Linkedin post or researching what to include in your sales landing page, use our data-driven examples and templates to help your brand convert visitors into leads and leads into customers.


Make education a priority

Remote learning is here to stay. Whether this is for you or your team, you’ll be able to track individual progress and continuously upskill as new courses are added every month.


Courses taught from experience

Unlike other companies, we teach you based on years of experience. So you know what digital marketing tactics are the most effective while helping you avoid those outdated strategies that are a waste of time.

Time To Up Your Game

Freight School Playbook is a membership community for the logistics industry with unlimited access to courses covering 21st-century digital marketing and sales.

Instant and unlimited access to digital media and sales courses taught by experienced industry experts.

Courses include: Digital Marketing Strategy, Carrier/Broker Sales Training, Video+Podcasting 101, Website Design, SEO, and more.

Proven work processes plus time-saving templates and workbooks to help your team work smarter, not harder.

Exclusive bonus content, community, and networking included in every membership.

Coming soon: Community forum to network with industry colleagues, ask project-specific feedback, and more!

30-day Money Back Guarantee on all purchases.