Save time with proven marketing workflows and spend your digital dollars where it’ll matter most

Freight School Playbook is an industry-first for digital media training with unlimited access to courses covering:

  • Content marketing
  • Podcasting
  • In-house video
  • Auditing/Analytics of your digital media efforts
  • Lead generation
  • Linkedin Marketing 101
  • Virtual Presentations
  • Broker/Carrier Sales Training
  • Digital Marketing templates for blogging, videos, social media, advertising, and more
  • Plus new content added every month

Save thousands on your next digital project by giving your team (or yourself) a leg up on the latest digital playbooks—built for the logistics industry.

What You Get

Become a Member

Watch our courses from the comfort of your own home, on-the-go, in the office, or anywhere you may find yourself.

Learn By Doing

Most courses are completed in under an hour with helpful guides along with certificates for each completed session.

Continuously Improve Your Skillset

Save thousands on your next project by knowing the ideal strategies built for the logistics industry.

Unlimited Access With New Courses Added Every Month

Learn at your own pace from the second you sign up with all of our courses instantly available. Topics covering marketing, sales, DIY website design, analytics, lead generation, email marketing, social media, podcasting, video strategy, and more.

Taught By Trusted and Passionate Educators

Educators from all sectors of the logistics industry to help you sort through the digital media sales and marketing clutter. Gain tremendous insight with modern day strategies from those who’ve actually been in the trenches.

Improve Workflows and Track Your Progress

Save time by using our refined workflows and templates for everything marketing and sales related with more on the way. Track your course progress and test those skills with topic-related quizzes to earn those certifications.

Ideal For Those Who

  • image

    Wear a lot of hats

    Our courses are designed for you to learn from our experience and apply these teachings quickly.

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    Overwhelmed Marketing/Sales Departments

    We know first hand how challenging your roles are. From lead generation to managing relationships, we’ve created courses so you can seemingly do it all.

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    Executive/Management Teams Looking to Upskill

    Our philosophy as coaches is to never stop learning. So when you want to connect the ROI to your digital media dollars, our courses will help pave the way.

Experienced in Education

Freight School Playbook was by founded by Digital Dispatch’s Blythe Brumleve. As the owner of a marketing/web agency dedicated to the logistics industry, Brumleve shares the same strategies and tools used for clients of various sizes to take their game to the next level.

Joined by other industry professionals such as Chris Jolly and Jamin Alvidrez, the courses within Freight School Playbook are taught by veteran team players on a variety of growing topics.

It’s never been more important to invest in yourself and your business. But time is valuable so we help you cut through the clutter to understand industry strategies from experienced coaches that help you and your team craft the perfect playbook for your success.

Learn how to spend your digital dollars where it matters by signing up for Freight School Playbook today.

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