Freight Marketing Mistakes—and how to avoid them


On 9/22 at 4pm EST, Freight School Playbook founder Blythe Brumleve is hosting a live webinar discussing:

  • Content Marketing creation, production, and distribution strategies in the logistics industry.
  • Strategies to streamline and improve your current processes. 
  • Where you need to be focusing your digital media efforts in 2020 leading up to 2021.
  • Answering YOUR marketing and sales questions—on webinar day, we’ll send every registrant a personalized email asking what they’re struggling with. This is your opportunity to get personalized advice from someone who’s been in freight marketing for more than 10 years. 

PLUS we’ll talk a little on Freight School Playbook, the available courses members can immediately take, and how they can help jump start your goals to spend those digital dollars where it’ll matter most.

RSVP to join and gain some tremendous insight that will help you achieve those digital media goals.